Matt has taught at every age level from Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form, through to BA Degree, MA and Adult Education.

“Thank you for introducing me to Art…my favourite saying is now ‘free up your mind’ and that is thanks to you. Thank you!” Sarah 2017

Matt is an Associate Lecturer at Arts University London in the Performance Faculty (BA Costume Design, BA Hair Make-Up and Prosthetics, BA 3D Design for Performance and Fashion) at London College of Fashion. And he is a Visiting Lecturer in Performance Design at Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance. He worked for one year at Bournemouth University as Senior Lecturer (MA and BA Performance Design, Maternity Cover) 2013.

He has organised and delivered Theatre Design Workshops for the National Theatre Primary Shakespeare Outreach Projects in London. And was Resident Designer for the Greenwich Youth Theatre.

He devises and delivers Primary School Workshops with Storyteller Jan Blake, based on her catalogue of performed stories.

He completed a P.G.C.E. in Secondary School and Sixth Form Art & Design at Brighton University and taught Art and Design at Secondary and Sixth Form Level in York for five years. During this period he also devised and delivered Primary Outreach workshops in Expressive Mark – Making and Computer Animation for local Primary Schools and organised a solo education trip with Global Education Link, Global Coordinator Chrissie Dell, York St. John University and a consortium of the British Council, which led to his teaching Art and Design in Begoro, Ghana, West Africa.

After his Degree in Craft Design (combined materials: wood, metal, ceramics and textiles) from Manchester Metropolitan University, he was awarded a Fellowship, to continue his studio practice and to teach the first year BA students, studio craft skills and design development.

Observation Drawing and Visual Research at the Huntarian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons, with First Year Rose Bruford Theatre Design students for two projects based on the collection objects originally conceived by Iona McLeish and Pip Nash.
A Case For Serendipity”. Published in “The Blue Pages” Journal for the Society of British Theatre Designers no.4 -2013
Written and Published as part of Matt Edwards’s Personal Development Profile whist at Bournemouth University Senior Lecturer (Maternity Cover) from 2012-2013
Concept in Context Presentation. Second Year Design students. Bournemouth University
Bournemouth University final model designs for Opera in Site Specific Locations 2014
Overlapping figure drawing with different posses Rose Bruford First Year Students 2015
From 2D to 3D. Sketching with galvanised wire working from the overlapped figure drawings.
Figure Drawing with made tools Rose Bruford 2016
Second Year Rose Bruford Design Students: Expressive Mark-Making responses to music
Investigating mixed media and translating this to relief textures to investigate and interpret Context and Character design concepts 2012 and 2018
Concept development working from the Huntarian Museum sketchbook observation drawings, to experimenting back at the studio with mixed media to create relief texture tests and then 3D sketch models. Rose Bruford 2012

Observation drawing close up detail expanded to relief version, the 3D
Final Design Presentations 2015
First Year Costume Photo shoot 2015
Symposium Performance by Rose Bruford Design Students 2015
Working from discussions with Elders Group from the Almeda Theatre Deptford, students developed costume designs based on the experiences of the Elders and the process of aging
Immersive Performance
Studio Final Presentation with the Elders.
Rose Bruford Stage Management First Year Students: “What Does a Theatre Designer Do?” 2016 and 2017 Workshop
Light Immersion Workshops. The effects of coloured filters on the colour of costumes and set design. Rose Bruford College symposium 2016
Recording of emotional responses to colour in the light controlled space.
Rose Bruford Third Year students 3D Storyboard Workshop 2015
First Year Rose Bruford Design Students interviewed to camera, at the National Theatre Archive. 2019
Rose Bruford First Year 2019 Life Drawing and Concept Development
Observation drawing and research at the “Subversive Stitch” at TJ Boulting and sketch concept models from this visit 2019
3D experiments focusing in on one element from sketch book observation drawings
Working directly onto the mannequine to investigate and expand on 3D experiments.Costume Project 2019, Conceal and Reveal
Drawing the concept design, from the mannequin paper conceptions
Final designs and fabric / dye samples
Final presentation for the costume Project, March 2019
Matt Edwards teaches Concept Development and Design in the Performance Faculty of ual: London College of Fashion, across all three Courses and all three years – BA (Hons) Costume for Performance, BA (Hons) Hair, Make-Up & Prosthetics, BA (Hons) 3D Effects for Performance and Fashion.
ual Costume and Character development and drawing workshop. Jess Curtis, Rhea Thierstein, and Matt Edwards. Costumes supplied by the national Hire Department
ual students Group Context Development

ual Hair, Make-Up and Prosthetics students, Group Context, Concept development
Presentation and Marking Third Year BA Hair Make Up and Prosthetics students, with Head of Course, Cecilia Prichard 2018
ual Paris Field Trip 2016
ual Berlin Field Trip with Jess Curtis 2018
Begoro Junior High School Ghana. Getting students out of the class room and working on Observation Drawing using and Line and Tone, rather than technical drawing. 2008.
Fosu Winfred Deputy Head and Link Teacher, Amfo Joshua Headteacher, Eric Twumasi Fanteakwa Deputy District Director of Education, Mr. Caesar Chief Executive of District Council, Mike Yeboah Chair of Fanteakwa York Society and official meeting with the Chief of Begoro
Ahomahomaso Market, Fanteakwa
Street vendors, Begoro
Begoro Falls Festival
Concept designs for the group school production of Peer Gynt
The set evolved around the use of one circular frame with a gauze and two long sections of fabric and one box frame. All f these elements moved to create each space and bold lighting helped to generated the different atmospheres.
School groups incorporated second-hand cloths and used simple adaptations to develop the characters
Millenium Performance with Wrexham College students. Directed by Laurence Wood
Wrexham College touring show, “Off The Streets” directed by Laurence Wood
Sixth Form Project at Huntington School in York. Developing the students concepts for the living Willow Shelter
Year 7 Observation drawings and Scraffito with clay tile modelling
Year 9 Secondary School clay modelling based on observation drawings from nature .
Expressive Mark-Making and Animation with Year 6 Students in York. A Primary Outreach Project devised and delivered by Matt Edwards
Primary School students written reviews
Primary School Group Workshop on Concept Development through Word Association
Holbrook Primary School.Ipswich. Week long 3D workshop on Sports Village
National Theatre Primary Shakespear Projects. Design Workshops and show of “The Tempest” at the National Theatre Educational Performance space.
Trench Brothers Workshop in South London Primary Schools with HMDT music
“Make a Trench” Workshop. Newhaven Fort March 2019

Published by Matt Edwards

Performance Designer (Set, Costumes), Museum, Exhibition and Art Installation Designer Visiting Lecturer in Performance Design (ual London College of Fashion, Performance Design Department and Rose Bruford College) Secret Spaces: Children's' Spacial Design. Upgrading and restoring garden furniture and garden centre pieces. Garden Design (Plumpton College Vector Works and RHS).

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