Wave Leisure Trust and East Sussex County Council

Planning the exhibition elements: Research into existing local Objects at Lewes Gatehouse Museum, relating to locations in the local area and relating to the Pre-History and Ancient History of the Ouse Valley.
Concept Development in Sketch Up
Concept model for the “Portholes to the Past”
nserting Historic Illustrations, devised and developed in collaboration with Historical Illustrator Andy Gammon
Location Visit:Ibis and the Stag/Ibex figures incised Cave Art in Church Hole, Craswell Crags
1:25 scaled model for the commission presentation and guide for the full size high density foam sculpt, by Plunge Creations Ltd.
Installed artificial cave with cave art from Craswell Crags
The incised Cave Art of the Ibis bird, Stag and Buffalo
The Newgrange Megalithic Tri-Spiral in Ireland and Britains’ earliest Cave Art, The Reindeer at Gower Cave, South Wales

Text Panels: Researched and written by Matt Edwards with the full support, advice and proofreading by local and regional professional Archaeologists
Interactive Wall Displays: Magnetic Illustrated objects can be placed onto the “Pre-History and Ancient History Bulls Eye”. Britain’s Cave Art to be discovered and reproduced on paper held in place, on the magnetic wall by animal-hide magnets
Display Details: Twine Samples from natural fibres, drawing paper held in place by hide covered magnets on the steel plate backed wall, twine and Hazel shelter connections.

Published by Matt Edwards

Performance Designer (Set, Costumes), Museum, Exhibition and Art Installation Designer Visiting Lecturer in Performance Design (ual London College of Fashion, Performance Design Department and Rose Bruford College) Secret Spaces: Children's' Spacial Design. Upgrading and restoring garden furniture and garden centre pieces. Garden Design (Plumpton College Vector Works and RHS).

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