Directed by Charlotte Conquest

London New Play Festival with five writers working on one script.

“The unusual staging is a treat: two bedrooms, a pub and a shabby launderette are established around the walls, chairs are discarded, and the audience settle in the middle, turning to keep up with the action.”

Maddy Costa. Time Out

Time Out Critics’ Choice

Winner of Best Design

Promenade with set locations around the space
Black and White press photography by Christopher Preston
Promenaded location, all existing seating banks were removed and set elements were built and introduced to the edges of the space. “Brocken” paint effects, over existing walls and features, helped to locate each scene as the performers moved through the audience within the space.

Published by Matt Edwards

Performance Designer (Set, Costumes), Museum, Exhibition and Art Installation Designer Visiting Lecturer in Performance Design (ual London College of Fashion, Performance Design Department and Rose Bruford College) Secret Spaces: Children's' Spacial Design. Upgrading and restoring garden furniture and garden centre pieces. Garden Design (Plumpton College Vector Works and RHS).

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